Supply Store Tips & Tricks

We know running your shop can be pretty challenging sometimes, so we want to make your life easier with some tips and tricks for the CUPS Supply Store! If you are a shop owner in New York or Philly that isn’t yet on the Supply Store, you can find more info here.


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Thinking through the needs of your shop can be enough to make you want to grab your own cup of coffee. With favorites, you can save time, effort, and that face palm you give yourself when you realize that you forgot to order the small cups you need for tomorrow.

Just click on the little heart on the bottom right corner of any item, and it will be added to your favorites list. Then, go to Favorites, under Filter Products in the sidebar, and you’ll see your favorites from the category you’re currently searching.


Supplier Search

We have thousands of products in the Supply Store, so it can be a little overwhelming. To filter by a specific supplier, just click the Suppliers tab in the sidebar. When you see the dropdown list, select the supplier(s) that you want to see.

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Related Products

Not sure what other pastries will compliment that cherry almond danish? We’ve got you covered! When you search a specific product, you’ll get a list of related products at the bottom of the screen. This is a great way to consider related options, brands, and prices within the Supply Store.

Order History

With order history you can easily access your past purchases. Just go left of your shopping cart icon in the top right corner of the page, and you’ll be able to see every detail of your previous orders.

Money Talk

Cost Matching

Did you know you can get a cost match on any comparable product you are currently purchasing from other suppliers? Just have your invoices ready, and shoot us an email.

What Shipping Fee?

What do we and Jack from Titanic have in common? No shipping! Get it? Don’t stress about minimums when ordering a few items in a time of need – there is NO shipping fee on anything in our store. Seems like you’re way better off than Jack to me.


Unit Price

You don’t have to pull out your calculator (or your phone). If you want to know how much you’re paying for each item in a set, just click on the little eye in the bottom right corner of a product to get the unit price!  

Steals & Deals

New to the store? Use code Welcome for $25 off.

Looking to try a new supplier? Use code TryNewThings for $10 off.

Looking for a new pastry supplier? Try Featherstone for ONE shipping minimum and one key exchange. No more bopping around to numerous bakeries. Get the benefit of getting everything you need from one place, with the variety of multiple bakeries.

Lost and Found

Still feeling lost on the store? Hit us up for a demo in-person or over the phone to fill you in on all of our tips and tricks.