Secrets to Success: 4 Tips all Successful Coffee Shops Should Use

Owning a shop has its challenges. With many shops closing due to inability to turn a profit, we looked into a few different ways that all successful shops have implemented or should adapt.

Point of Purchase

Having a nice promotion or display at the register has proven effective in increasing impulse buy. Point of Purchase promotions always encourages the customer to grab that extra item at checkout. With 16% of all unplanned purchases happening at the register, having a nice display at the register is a no-brainer.

Some effective products to showcase by the register would be – shop merch, chocolates, pastries, packaged coffee beans, and other assorted low involvement products.

Community Outreach

Many shops host community events after hours to encourage community value. This creates a positive association between community members and the shop, which ultimately encourages purchases. Some shops also have bulletin boards for community members to post items.f not updated it can become an eyesore.

By hosting events in the shop like latte art classes and other workshops, you can charge for the class, while establishing a connection with the consumer, and the community.

Engaging the consumer on social media is another really important for of outreach we addressed in a post a while back, check it out here.

Keeping the Menu Fresh

It is super important to keep things fresh on the menu, people are always looking for changes and different beverages. By creating a new monthly concoction you create another reason to come into the shop. There’s also the opportunity to be funny/relevant with the name.

You can even have a contest where customers create a new beverage named after them. A super cool fun idea to change things up and create engagement!


You don’t want to be that shop kicking out consumers who abuse your Wifi – A great way to upstream customers is to encourage purchases while in the store. Either by keeping the wifi code at the register or instituting a wifi password automation system.

A few shops have systems where the wifi password changes every hour, making it difficult to sit there for extended amounts of time.


A simple and cheap way to draw some foot traffic into your shop is with a chalkboard outside your shop. A legible cute sign invites pedestrians with either specials or just a quirky message. But don’t be too cheeky, or cliche or else the sign can get annoying.

All these are different ways to increase foot traffic into your store as well as encourage more and a larger purchase, increasing your bottom line.


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