Quick Design Hacks to Spice Up your Shop

Spicing up your shop is an underrated way of keeping your regulars engaged as well as attracting new walk ins! At your busiest times, your customers won’t notice that their coffee took two minutes longer to make if they’re busy taking pictures with the painting on the wall or instagramming the tiny succulents you’ve placed on the tables. 

For quick fixes and easy design hacks just follow these simple tips and tricks!

Decorate your Walls

Estimated Time: 2 – 3 hours (displaying artwork) 3+ days (painted walls)
Cost: $100 – $4,000

Feature local artists and photographers by displaying their work. Photographers and artists are always looking to showcase their work, if their piece matches your vibe, go for it! Contact them and see if they would be willing to have their art highlighted in your store.

Resources: Facebook and Instagram are actually great resources for finding artists and photographers who might want their work to be featured. Just personally message them for more information. If you don’t want to deal with the hassle and you just want to order some great prints then check out Desenio.

REX for CUPS. Photo credit: Céline Haeberly

The Wooly Daily for CUPS. Photo credit: Céline Haeberly.


Consider repainting a wall. Instagrammable walls are a huge trend and customers will come to your shop specifically for the artwork that you have painted on your walls. This is great for getting customers to stop by your store for the first time. 

Resources: Thumbtack makes connecting with artists easy. Simply choose a location and describe the work that you need to be completed.



Space Craft for CUPS. Photo credit: Céline Haeberly

Add Plants, Flowers, or Succulents

Estimated Time: 2 hours
Cost: $30 – $200

Putting greenery (real or artificial) around your store is an easy way to spruce up your shop and easily increase foot traffic into your place. If you decide to add small flowers or succulents to your tables, customers will be further inclined to take pictures of their coffee and post on Instagram, thus promoting your shop!

Succulents are simple to take care of and don’t require much work. However, if you do decide to add real flowers and plants, make sure to remember to water them: you don’t want any wilted plants around your shop!

Resources: CostcoHome Depot,Lowes or local farmers markets.

Woops on Worth-36
Flowers on the Table at Woops! Bakery
Plants Outside Madman Espresso

Outdoor Displays and Signs

Estimated Time: 1 hour
Cost: $50 – $100

Simple chalkboards, displays, and decorations outside of your shop can make all the difference in attracting a new customer into your store. After all, your attractive sign or display could be all the reason why a now loyal customer first decided to step foot in your shop!

Resources: pay a visit Michaels or hit up your local craft store.

Galerie De Cafe Various-3 (1)
Outdoor Display at Galerie de Cafe

Lighting Matters

Estimated Time: a few weeks
Cost: $300+

String lights, hanging lights, track lighting: there are so many options! The question is how to decide which one works best for your store. First, look at the atmosphere of your shop: do people like to study there, have lively conversations, or simply grab and go? Then decide if you want natural lighting, dim lighting, task lighting, or even accent lighting. Natural lighting and task lighting are both perfect for studying. And accent lighting is great if you want to show off artwork or displays. Take a look at some of the lighting options that we think work!

Resources: visit Home Depot or a local lighting fixtures and solutions business

Madman 37th Various-17
Ambient Lighting Fixture at Madman Espresso
Ground Central 52nd Street-15
Dim Lighting Option at Ground Central
Woops on Worth-37
Task Lighting at Woops! Bakery

Get Custom Cups

Estimated Time: 2 hours
Cost: $100 – $200

It’s always important to make sure your coffee looks as good as it tastes. We sell customized paper cups on our supply store! Adding a design to your cups can truly impact your image and help you transition from a generic store to one with a noticeable brand.

Resources: CUPS Supply Store


Speaking of cups, mason jars are a simple way to make your cold brew, juices, or smoothies more attractive. Mason jars are also more eco-friendly as they can be washed and reused!


Unique Seating Options

Estimated Time: a few days
Cost: $300+

Hanging seats, bar stools, couches with pillows, they serve as decoration as well as a photo op for instagrammers! 

Resources: Etsy, Overstock, Ikea or visit a local furniture store for inspiration.



Every coffee shop has a different vibe, so make sure to find the look that works for you; don’t feel obligated to stick to the norms!