National Event Round-Up 2018

Coffee Timeline

National Coffee Association Convention

Dates: March 15 – 17

Where: New Orleans

The NCA Annual Convention is the leading industry event for coffee professionals. Network with decision makers, learn more about the issues facing the coffee industry, and find your place in this vibrant community.

Each year, the NCA Convention offers compelling keynote speakers, targeted breakout sessions, and parties featuring the best local food, drinks, and entertainment. The steep fee is certainly worth attending this convention for the professional connections as well as the innovative ideas that coffee-oriented minds from around the country will bring. Rather than being limited to a single perspective, you have the opportunity to gain insight into the industry from a new national lens.

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Coffee Fest

Dates: March 16 – 18; June 8 – 10; August 19 – 21

Where: Baltimore, Denver, Los Angeles

Since 1992 Coffee Fest has been building and developing the American trade show that is ultra-relevant, well-respected and rewarding for attendees, exhibitors and sponsors alike. The exhibition hall at each Coffee Fest features everything found on either side of the counter in an upscale coffee shop including the counter. Exhibitors come to Coffee Fest to secure new business. They leave Coffee Fest with valuable new clients, a broader network, inspired ideas, and renewed energy.

Here at CUPS, we know the importance of building a brand and expanding your network. Coffee Fest provides the perfect opportunity to do just that and gain a refreshing perspective of how other upscale coffee shops are achieving their goals.

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Coffee Con

Dates: April 7 – 8; July 28 – 29; October 27 – 28

Where: New York, Seattle, Chicago

CoffeeCon is the world’s first roving 100% consumer coffee festival and coffee university that features tasting the best coffees, hands-on trying the best brewing gear and onsite classes to improve your prowess as an at-home barista.

If you want to focus on your brewing techniques and the most relevant coffee trends, Coffee Con is the perfect opportunity for you (and your baristas!) to learn more. Rather than concentrating on the business aspects of owning an independent coffee shop, Coffee Con gives established coffee shops to show off their brand and talented baristas. Attending a Coffee Con near you is an easy way to attract new customers.

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Specialty Coffee Expo

Dates: April 19 – 22

Where: Seattle

The Specialty Coffee Expo creates the opportunity for coffee industry professionals to reach their target audience easily, economically, and under one roof. 

The Specialty Coffee Expo has everything for everyone in the coffee world. Roasters and Retailers attend and have the opportunity to exhibit their products on the show floor, network with the industry’s decision makers, and further their professional careers by participating in the SCA’s numerous lectures, labs or certificate programs. Coffee Enthusiasts of all professional backgrounds attend to participate or watch the coffee competitions, mingle with like-minded attendees at receptions and lunches, or learn more about the art of cupping, brewing or roasting in our educational programs.

Don’t be left out of one of the most informative industry events of the year. Even if you are not yet a member of the SCA (Specialty Coffee Association), attending this event will allow you to get your foot in the door with networking and establishing a solid customer base. The Specialty Coffee Expo will allow you to grow and learn at the same time as you exhibit your products to potential new customers.

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New York Coffee Festival

Dates: October 12 – 14

Where: New York

This year’s New York Coffee Festival will feature live experiences from over 85 coffee, food and equipment suppliers. Visitors will enjoy endless free coffee tastings, interactive workshops, demonstrations from world-class baristas, delicious street food, intoxicating coffee cocktails, live music, art and so much more.

Last year, 11,700 discerning coffee lovers and industry professionals from the US and abroad attended the second New York Coffee Festival.

A fast-paced knockout battle format of Coffee Masters will see 16 baristas showcase their skills head-to-head across a broad range of disciplines.

Especially if you’re based in New York, this coffee festival is a must because visitors are here just for you! They want to find their next favorite coffee shop and this festival is the perfect way to show off your baristas’ skills!

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The Los Angeles Coffee Festival

Dates: November 9 – 11

Where: Los Angeles

Despite being the first year of its inception, there are more than 10,000 visitors expected — including coffee lovers, professional baristas and espresso bar owners — The Los Angeles Coffee Festival will be an unmissable event.

With more than 60 artisan coffee and food stalls, a host of immersive tasting experiences, live demonstrations from world-class baristas, interactive workshops, coffee cocktails, live music, DJs, art exhibitions and much more, just about every aspect of coffee culture will be represented.

Similar to the New York Coffee Festival, this festival provides the opportunity for coffee shops to establish a firm customer base in Los Angeles. It’s a fun way to network with other shops and creates those necessary connections for the future.

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