Meet The Suppliers 02: Nieves Of Sexy Batch Baking Company Bakes Cookies With A Personal Touch

Sexy Batch Baking Company is just one of the many great suppliers whose goods are available through the CUPS Supply Store – a single platform where you can purchase everything your coffee shop needs, at the lowest prices, on one unified invoice. More details here.

While playing the host to friends and family over the years, Sexy Batch founder and owner Nieves was often told he should bake for a living, but, as he puts it, “it took a while for that to sink in.” He felt a bit lost in life, like there was something he should have been excelling at, but he couldn’t quite figure out what that thing was.

Eventually, it dawned on him that his friends and family were right, and he decided to try his hand at baking professionally.

It all started in his apartment about three years ago, with a lot of late night baking sessions. Nieves already had a tendency to bring cookies to share with him wherever he went, so it was an easy transition; most people in the community knew his cookies were delicious well before Sexy Batch existed.

Once he took the step to found a company and start telling people about it, word spread quickly, and the orders started coming in. Since then, it’s been non-stop growth. Nowadays, he works out of a commissary kitchen (the cooking/baking equivalent of a coworking space), and pumps out about 216 cookies an hour.

What makes his cookies the best available? In his words, “anyone can mix butter and sugar, but the only way to make a truly sublime cookie is to take time and use proper techniques.” There is no cutting corners for Nieves – he uses high-quality ingredients in every cookie, making them in small batches with a personal touch.

Besides using the best ingredients, Nieves focuses on the importance of creating relationships with his customers. While recipe testing, he asks himself, “How will these ingredients affect the person sharing and experiencing my cookie/brand?” That is why he still makes deliveries himself, and even sometimes surprises local Instagram followers with fresh cookies.

In Nieves’ words, “Connection and the sharing of experiences is the reason I started Sexy Batch, and it’s what drives me to keep pushing forward.” He can often be found at local events and fundraisers in Queens, and frequently pops into the bakeries and coffee shops that stock his products.

Sexy Batch has come a long way in the last three years, and Nieves has no plans on stopping. He currently has twelve varieties of cookie and will be unveiling one more next month (all of which can be found in the CUPS Supply Store, along with everything else your coffee shop needs).

Check Sexy Batch Baking Company out this summer at fleas and pop-ups around the city, including We Heart Astoria’s Best of Astoria Bash on May 4th.

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