March Recipe – Lavender Sparkling Matcha Lemonade

To celebrate the beginning of spring, I wanted to put a twist on my all-time favorite sunny day beverage – the matcha lemonade. Sweet, slightly tart, and earthy, it’s the perfect balance of flavors and caffeine to enjoy while strolling around the neighborhood. While delicious on its own, let’s elevate the traditional matcha lemonade recipe in a way that’s adaptable to your specialty drink menu.

Depending on the ingredients you tend to carry in your coffee shop or signature flavors your customers tend to gravitate towards, you can mix and match the flavored syrup and sparkling water to create unique drinks that will keep your customers coming back for more.

Lavender Sparkling Matcha Lemonade


1 tsp matcha

1 pump lavender syrup

6oz lemon sparkling water

1oz lemon juice


Mix matcha with a splash of hot water and whisk until it creates a paste. For this recipe, we’re using Harney & Sons Organic Culinary Matcha, but you can use any brand you carry such as teapigs, Rishi, Somage Chamellia, or your coffee shop staple. 

Add lavender syrup to the matcha mixture. We recommend Proper Syrup – newly added to our ordering platform, their all-natural coffee syrups were created with the flavor profile of specialty coffee in mind. This recipe was actually inspired by their Lavender Spritz sample at Coffee Fest New York a few weeks back!

Top with lemon sparkling water from Spindrift and lemon juice, mix well, and enjoy! If you’re looking for a stronger lemonade flavor in this recipe, another option is to use the Matcha Lemonade mix from Two Leaves & A Bud. Simply add coffee syrup and sparkling water to the instant mix and serve.