January Recipe – Lemon Ginger Tea

With the holidays wrapped up, the real world has finally caught up to us again, including a run-down immune system. The new year is filled with new ambitions, such as workout plans, more time with friends, and reduced screen time, but these plans can quickly come to a halt if your immune system can’t keep up with your latest personal goals. Offering immune-boosting drinks in your coffee shop or cafe can help your customers stay healthy and on top of their resolutions (and keep them coming into their store because they’re feeling extra lively).

We know that tea is the healthier alternative at a coffee shop, but there are some special additions to create a hot and delicious wellness beverage to keep your customers energized including lemon, ginger, honey, and mint. Ginger boosts your immune system with its antibacterial properties and anti-inflammatory effects, as well as soothing nausea. Lemon has similar results on immune system health because of its high levels of Vitamin C. When you add honey and mint to any tea recipe, it makes them the ultimate cold and flu fighter because they both alleviate common symptoms such as cough, sore throat, and fever.

Lemon Ginger Tea


8oz hot water

2.5 g ginger herbal tea

1/2 lemon (juiced)

Honey (optional)

Mint leaves (optional)


Steep 2.5 grams of SerendipiTea Organic Ginger Herbal Tea in 8oz of water using your preferred type – we’re using unwrapped sachets, but SerendipiTea also offers loose leaf and wrapped sachets for all their tea products.

Let the tea steep for up to five minutes. Add your freshly squeezed lemon juice, honey, and mint leaves to the tea and stir. Serve hot and watch the wellness magic happen!

We recommend using Meyer lemons because they’re at their peak in the winter and have a sweeter taste compared to other lemons that can be on the sour side. Also, raw honey is suggested instead of regular honey because there are more vitamins and minerals since it’s unpasteurized. If you’re in the New York area, try honey from Lukan’s Farm – a family-owned business that sells all-natural, unadulterated honey.