How Instagram Can Increase Your Coffee Shop Sales

Nowadays you can’t expect to have huge sales just because you know how to make good coffee. What consumers are looking for is more than just a product. They buy the whole package – your story, your brand and your online presence as well. They are looking for something unique and authentic. And one of the most powerful tools for that search is social media.

Instagram has around 1 billion users, 51% of them access the platform daily, and 35% say they look at the platform several times per day. So can you imagine how many chances your coffee shop gets to be seen in the feed every day?

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Many people even pick the place to go get their coffee just based on what they see on Instagram, just because of a cute picture. 38% of consumers say that their buying decision is influenced by brands’ social media. So you should be on top of this game to get your sales.

Millions of coffee shops are being tagged in posts every day. Some of them get thousands of likes and comments while boosting the awareness to the sky. And some are just staying in the shade of the first ones.

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Tons of influencers are exploring the city in search of cute little spots to post in their IG feeds every day. The term “instagramable” was added to the dictionary and is widely used now to describe whether a coffee shop is worth seeing or not.

A lot of these influencers have more than 100K followers and the coffee shops that they’re featuring get around 10K of likes. Pretty impressive, isn’t it?

But if you look at what unites all those coffee shops in the IG feed you’ll see that they all provide a perfect background for a nice picture. You just need to put a cup of coffee on the table and a perfect shot is ready.

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Here are some ideas on how you can upgrade:

1. Get the style together

Your coffee shop has to represent the story that you’re telling. If it’s cute, romantic and light then add some flowers to the table. Whether you use real or faux plants, these accents are refreshing and invigorating. Use napkins in pastel colors, get some colorful pastries like macaroons or cupcakes.

If you want to be more modern and stylish use sharp forms, metal elements. Polished metals combined with rustic wood pieces complement each other well while creating an interesting vibe.

Want to be on the funky, hipster side, add some pictures or quotes to the walls, stock magazines or books on the shelf, use bright colors.

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2. Use your brand’s logos.

If you want people to remember your coffee shop and have an image in their minds when someone pronounces your shop’s name you have to have a brand. Branding is more than just a logo. It’s about the atmosphere, experience and aftertaste of your coffee. But walking out of the cafe carrying your custom coffee cup will reinforce the effect. By the way, CUPS is providing the service of customizing your cups and sleeves.

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3. Choose the color

Most successful coffee shops have their own color palette. If you think about Bluestone Lane you’ll imagine navy blue, aquamarine, turquoise color, when you think about La Colombe you’ll come up with royal blue and maroon, Cha Cha Matcha – candy, bubblegum pink and many shades of green. So choose the color that will represent your brand and will build strong association with your coffee shop.

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4. Don’t forget about latte art

After all the decorations are set up make sure that your latte art is on point as well. Who will want to feature your cafe in their feed if your coffee is so so? Here we can give you a hand. Learn how to work with dairy and non-dairy milk, pull perfect shots, make “Instagram-worthy” latte art and more behind your own coffee machine. Our coffee educators will come to your coffee shop to help your baristas upscale their skills so that your coffee is in line with your cafe.

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Every little thing matters when it comes to building a perfect place for a perfect picture with a perfect coffee in it. Of course, we’re not encouraging you to redesign your shop from head to toes, but adding some elements into the interior can help you attract new coffee lovers and increase your reach to potential customers.

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