February Recipe – Iced Coffee with Brown Sugar Sweet Cream Cold Foam

With warmer days and spring right around the corner, it’s time to prep your coffee shop menu with new specialty drinks that are ready for when your customers decide to make the switch from hot to iced coffee.

For our February recipe, we wanted to shine a spotlight on a black-owned business with ethical products that you can easily incorporate into your menu. Everyday People is a black and women-owned coffee and tea company with delicious products ranging from fruity green teas to whiskey barrel aged coffee. From eco-friendly coffee farming to donating money with every purchase, their business model is sustainable and ethical every step of the way.

Each coffee and tea from Everyday People are perfect on its own, but we wanted to spice up an iced coffee recipe to tempt your customers into purchasing a retail coffee bag from your store on their way out the door.

Iced Coffee with Brown Sugar Sweet Cream Cold Foam


8oz brewed coffee

1.5oz heavy cream

1oz 2% milk

2 pumps spiced brown sugar syrup


Pour 8oz of chilled brewed coffee over ice. We’re using Everyday People’s Bali Blue Single Origin medium roast coffee with tasting notes of dark chocolate, molasses, and brown sugar to pair with the cold foam. Everyday People has a wide variety of coffee which makes this recipe very versatile – simply change the flavored syrup you add to the cold foam to complement the coffee of your choice.

Pour heavy cream, 2% milk, and Monin‘s Spiced Brown Sugar Syrup into a stainless steel frothing pitcher and mix together before you start frothing to incorporate the milk and syrup together for a better end result. For the heavy cream and milk, we’re using Farmland Fresh Dairies Barista Heavy Cream and Clover Farms Dairy 2% Milk which are available to order online in our New York, New Jersey, and Philadelphia markets.

Once stirred, use a milk frother until the foam rises and reaches a creamy consistency. Top iced coffee with brown sugar sweet cream foam and serve!

For dairy-free customers, you can use oat milk instead of heavy cream and 2% milk – while it may not foam the same, it still floats on top of the iced coffee and has a smooth consistency that will satisfy their sweet cream cold foam cravings!