Welcome to our new dashboard!

Our mission at cups is to simplify and support independent cafe operations. The launch of our new dashboard marks a major milestone towards this goal. By uniting all of our services under one roof, we’re one step closer to being a complete “operating system” for coffee shops to manage all aspects of their business.

Short-staffed and need a last minute barista? We’ve got you! Need a milk delivery asap? We’ve got you! Need a vacation in Barbados? We can’t help you there, but we can ensure you have a bird’s-eye view of everything happening at your cafe from the beach.

Here are the new features we’re most excited about! You can also check it out for yourself right now.

Upcoming activities and tracking


On the dashboard homepage, all of your upcoming orders are visible by their expected arrival date.

Settings and customization

profile_page2If you are the owner of the business or hold responsibilities for ordering, you may add new locations, add new teammates, and add new payment methods as well as update or deactivate any of those additions, depending on your level of access. Therefore your dashboard always reflects the latest version of your business.

Book an on-demand barista easily

barista-laptopOur on-demand staffing experience got a big upgrade in our dashboard. You can review  upcoming and past shifts, book multiple shifts at a time and store all your shift requirements such as dress code preferences in your account.  


Shop supplies

supplies-hp2Supplies on the dashboard come with access to past purchases that you can even browse by category, a deliveries calendar, a place to put all products you have favorited, and order history.

Check out


All services are now in one cart, for you to either checkout all at once or individually and once you check out you will see your upcoming activity populate on the homepage.

Let us know what you think!

If you’re already a member of cups, we can’t wait for you to try it out. Please let us know about your experience.

If you’d like to join or hear more about us, please email community@cupsworks.com or sign up at dashboard.cupsworks.com.