An approachable (and profitable!) way to celebrate the holidays with your customers

The holidays always have a way of sneaking up and making it feel like our to-do lists are never ending. The thought of switching up your menu can feel daunting on top of everything else, but getting into the holiday spirit can do more for your business than you think!

A featured drink can:

  • Bring excitement and boost morale
  • Be featured on your customer’s social media (free online marketing!)
  • Be featured on an outdoor menu board/sign (optimize on that foot traffic)
  • Increase the average ticket price (premium pricing for a specialized product)

We figured we would help out (and have some fun!) by creating some festive drink recipes that are easy to recreate behind the bar. You’ll find all the ingredients you need to get started within your cups account.


South Pole Sparkler 


Instructions: Pour the ginger ale over ice in a 12oz glass. Add in the chai concentrate and peppermint syrup, lightly stir. Sprinkle the mint and ground cloves over the top.

Tip: Garnish with fresh mint, cinnamon stick, or even a candy cane!


Sugar Plum Day Dream

sugar plum

Instructions: Steep the tea in 6oz of hot water for 5 minutes, remove the tea, add in the cinnamon syrup, steam the oat milk and add it to the hot tea brew, sprinkle cinnamon shavings over top.

Tip: Garnish with a cinnamon stick, or use a stencil to make a design with the cinnamon shavings!


Nice List ‘Nog


Instructions: Begin by adding the peppermint syrup, extract a shot of espresso into the cup, steam the eggnog and add it to the espresso/syrup mix, sprinkle ground cinnamon over top as garnish.

Tip: Create latte art or add in additional spices such as nutmeg. You could even top with whipped cream for the ultimate treat!

We hope that you use these recipes, or that they inspire you to create your own.

Happy Holidays from your friends at cups!