Announcing Coffee for Care

We can’t ignore that our community is being hit hard. The coffee community is enduring some of the toughest times in the hospitality business while healthcare systems across the country are experiencing unprecedented strain due to COVID-19. In these times, many of us feel helpless to support the coffee professionals, healthcare workers and the sick. But every one of us can help in our own way.

We’re excited to announce Coffee for Care – making it easy for people to donate funds to provide coffee and pastry to local hospitals, delivered by our participating coffee shop partners.

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How it works:

  1. Donate through Coffee for Care
  2. cups sends $50 orders to our partner cafes to buy coffee and pastries
  3. Partner cafes bring coffee to one of our partner hospitals
  4. People who have donated are tagged on Instagram when coffee is delivered to the hospital


We deliberated for a few weeks as to how we can best support both sides of this crisis: our coffee shop partners and the health care workers braving the front lines to provide care to those who need it most. 

We understand these people have other more pressing needs—such as medical supplies and personal protective equipment—but we also know the comfort and sense of normalcy one can get from a sip of hot coffee. In these times, we feel that doing our small part is helping keep these people well caffeinated in true cups style. 

This program is kicking off in partnership with Rex Coffee and Mt Sinai West.

Since the announcement, cafes across the country have put their hand up to join us. As the program grows, we will do everything we can to bring the comfort of a hot coffee to those on the front lines. If you’re a cafe interested in joining this initiative, you can sign up here

You can follow updates on Coffee for Care via our Instagram @cupsworks. Have questions? No worries! Check out our FAQ below.


Coffee for Care FAQ:

When will my donated coffee and pastry be delivered?

Deliveries are made to hospitals 3-4 times a week and funds are used in the order we received them. As soon as your donation goes towards an order, you will be notified via email and Instagram. Because of the wonderful and overwhelming support, deliveries might be made anywhere up to two weeks after the date of your initial donation. Never fear, we are keeping our healthcare workers caffeinated in the meantime!

How do the funds reach the cafe?

We schedule orders between our partner cafes and the hospitals. Once a delivery is made, we pay the cafe in full over the phone or online for the coffee and pastries, plus a tip for the baristas thanks to our community’s donations. 

How do I know who the deliveries are going to?

When we bring on new cafe and hospital partners, we will announce this on our social media. Your donation could be used to order coffee from any one of our partner cafes. 

Why are y’all doing this?

As we were trying to figure out how we could support both our coffee shop partners and healthcare workers, we found a way to do so in true cups style – with caffeine!

cups does not keep any of the donations. 100% of the funds go towards the coffee shop and its baristas making the deliveries. We are just thrilled to be able to do our part to facilitate the generosity of our community.

Can I get deliveries to my hospital?

If we have a coffee shop partner close by that is willing to make a delivery to your hospital, we would love to make that happen! Please reach out to us at


For resources on navigating COVID-19 at your cafe, including information on financial relief and loan packages available, visit our help center.